Svenny Baby!

New EP "Cool for a Moment" out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes

Post CD Release Show and Newsletter

Hey there Svennies!

So first of all, thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who came to our CD Release show!  It was an amazing and magical night!  If you haven't gotten a copy of our debut, please head on over to our music page listen to it and if you like it we are on iTunes, Spotify, and the such!

There is also a Svenny Baby! Newsletter now!  This will have a concert calendar, information on new projects, and free stuff like remixes and live videos.  If any of that interests you, please head on over to the link above this page to sign up!

Stay tuned for more soon! Thank you for all your support!

Songs You've Never Heard

Hey guys! Welcome to the new site. Everything you could ever hope to know about Svenny Baby! will be available here: show times, interviews, and release dates. This way you don't have to worry if you missed a post on Facebook or Twitter since you can come right here and see everything that we've got cookin' at the moment. We will also be posting some articles here from time to time. Most likely about our experiences in the band and thoughts on music in general. But every once in a while you'll probably see some odd ball posts about whatever unrelated topic happens to be floating through our brains. 

So biggest new of the day is that Songs You've Never Heard, our first single, as been officially released today! It's available on the Music page of this very website, but you can also find it on YouTube, Reverbnation, and Bandcamp. In fact, if you go to our Bandcamp page you can pick up a (potentially) free download of Songs You've Never Heard. It's pay what you want, so get a free copy or throw us a few bucks if you are so inclined. 

Finally, we want to give a huge thanks to Luke Garrigus at Blackroom Studios and Roderick Pena at Roderick Pena Photography. We may have written the songs but Luke brought out the spark inside of them as Roderick captured their spirit on film and has provided us with gorgeous art assets for the record. Every single part of this record as turned out better that we ever imagined and far, far more professional than if we would have tried to do all of this by ourselves. These two men were an indispensable part of the process. 

Keep a look our for our debut album "Painting Pictures" coming out in less than 30 days. We've got a HUGE release part in the works. You would never forgive yourself if you missed it so keep checking back here for all of the details of our upcoming projects,