Svenny Baby!

New EP "Cool for a Moment" out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes

About Us:

Svenny Baby! is a four piece alternative dance rock group featuring members from classical, jazz, and coffee shop performance backgrounds. We took out name from a character from the over-the-top anime Black Cat, feeling that the bombastic action cartoon perfectly encapsulated the band's style. Our music can be a bit silly at times, a bit dark at others, but always fast paced and energetic. We present keyboard/synth driven grooves intermingled with tasteful guitar melodies, aggressive baselines, and danceable back beats. With tools like our patented 3-part counterpoint vocal segues and instrumental funk breakdowns, we strive to make people dance with songs that subtly twist familiar pop forms.  Our unpredictable live shows often include anything from improvised songs to our 3 part sci-fi rock opera. We challenge ourselves to create music with artistic integrity while cultivating a sound that is uniquely our own. Our motto is to take our art seriously, but not ourselves.


Our History:

The band first took form in 2007 when keyboard player Victor Toruno decided to create a musical project to recapture the love of music he found while performing choral music in his youth. After recruiting fellow choir member and future guitarist Dutty Johnson the core of Svenny Baby! was formed. With neither Dutty nor Victor having any experience or training on their instruments, they forged ahead with a revolving side cast of band mates until they settled into a four piece and solidified their style. Slowly growing over several years, Svenny Baby! started to gain traction with a dedication to playing weekly live shows and rounded out their lineup with the addition of drummer Felipe Rosales and bassist Jonathan Holder. On June 6th, 2015 Svenny Baby! released their debut album "Painting Pictures" to a sold out theater in Mansfield, Texas.  Currently, the band is writing new material and gigging throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.